How to Design the Life of Your Dreams

So you’re looking to make some changes in your life? Some things just aren’t lining up how you had expected. You’re reflecting on where you are in life and wonder, isn’t there an easier way to live the life of my dreams? Well, fortunately for you, yes, there is an easier way. A much easier way. This guide is dedicated to helping you design the life of your dreams. If you haven’t already read my blog post on defining your purpose, I highly encourage you to read it here first, How to Find Your Purpose in Life – A Powerful Guide. You must define your purpose as a foundation before starting to design your dream life. Enjoy and as always, stay prosperous.

What does it means to Design your Life?

Designing your life means to have a solid understanding of exactly what you want your life to look like in all areas. Relationships? Check. Finances? Check. Material possessions? Check. Career? Check. Spirituality? Check. Etc.

You should not be limiting this design to where you “think” you should be now or what you are capable of doing now. You should be thinking big and not placing any limits on your desires — you must Design your Dream Life. Once you design your dream life, we will work on the tools and resources to actually bring this life to fruition.

Why is it important to design your life?

Unfortunately most people go through life without a clear direction. They don’t know what they truly want and are living life day-by-day waiting for things to happen for them. They hope their boss gives them that next promotion, they hope they meet the person of their dreams, they hope their next career move will pay the bills, etc. However, this reactive lifestyle is what leads most people to never fulfilling their life’s desires and never living the life of their dreams.

When you are proactively designing your life, you are in control of your destiny. You set the pace for change in your life. You are “the master of puppets” calling the shots, building your plan, and executing for the win. You are taking a proactive approach to life and creating what you truly desire for yourself and for your family.

What is the benefit to designing my dream life?

The benefits of proactively designing your life are nearly incalculable. Not only will this give you much more confidence and conviction in your pursuits in life, it will give you the roadmap you need to execute on to get there. Having a vision of your dream life built out will bring a tremendous amount of happiness, freedom, and joy into your life. How so? Because you always have something positive to look forward to. You will stop dwelling on your past and the things that have “happened to you” and focus your energy and efforts on what you want to become. This is powerful and will become a guiding principle for the decisions and action you take as you progress on your journey.

How do I start designing my dream life?

Designing your dream life all starts with questioning. You must ask yourself the tough questions and actually take the time to build your life out. Again, this will take some time, but trust me, it is one of the most rewarding exercises you can do for yourself — the benefits I listed in the section above are just the tip of the iceberg. Below are 5 questions to get you on the path to designing the life of your dreams fast.

What are my overarching dreams?

Really think about this one. Do not limit yourself to dreams that are “easy to accomplish”. Think of the people you admire, what do you think their dreams were before they became known? For them to have arrived to where they are at today, they had to envision a life that was far beyond their current state at the time.

What aspects of life are most important to me?

There are going to be certain areas in your life that you give more weight to than others. Or, perhaps some of the areas that do not carry as much weight now, should have a heavier emphasis moving into the future?

Maybe you’ve always wanted to travel the world. Maybe you value family so much that having everyone together — happy, healthy, and wealthy is most important to you. Perhaps you value education because you’re the only one in your family that went to college, so you dream to go on and get your doctorate degree.

What do I want to accomplish in life?

Another way to think about this is, what do I want to be known for? What legacy do I want to leave? Not only should you be thinking about personal accomplishments, like going on a retreat to help with your spiritual or religious establishment. But think of things like career growth, such as winning an award for a stellar performance at work. Perhaps you have an artistic talent — maybe a musician, an artist, a singer, a cook, dancer, etc., and you want to be world-renowned, respected, and cherished for the talent and gifts you are bringing to the world.

Whatever these dreams may be, make sure you are writing them down and getting very clear on what they look like.

How to design the life of your dreams

What quality of life am I looking for?

This is where we start to talk about material possessions. What are the exact material goals you have set for yourself? I’m not talking “I want to own a big house at some point in the future…” When I say exact, you need to get into specifics about everything you are looking to accomplish.

Just to scratch the surface on the above example, instead say, “I want to own a 5 story house in Palm Beach, FL sitting on 3 acres of land with”:

  • A private security gate guard
  • A driveway large enough to fit 8 cars
  • A beach in the back yard and a panoramic view of the ocean
  • The house will be tan with a brown tile roof
  • Have white accent windows
  • And a beautiful sunset every evening over the water in my backyard

This is just the start of envisioning the exact details of your goals and building a vision of what you are looking to accomplish in life. Once you get started, continue to get more and more detailed as time goes on. Expand on this and start to think about things like cars, clothing, and lifestyle choices like, food, vacations, etc.

How do I want to impact society?

Lastly, let’s look outside of ourselves and think, how do I want to make an impact on the world around me? My community. How can me living my dream life make positive change on the people around me. The people that are looking up to me. The people that are relying on me.

While this is one of the least thought of aspects of goal setting and building your dream life, I must say this is probably the most important. The more you can contribute back to society, the more society will contribute back to you. This is a well studied law in psychology called the Law of Reciprocity – when you help others, others feel obligated or “compelled” to help you.

Think about what contributions you want to make to society and if you can tie those contributions into your life purpose and your dream life, you will be setting yourself up for a very rewarding future.

In Conclusion

There you have it. The roadmap to truly creating a life of your dreams. A life that you will be proud to live and legacy you will be proud to pass on to your family. Designing what you truly want in life can take time, energy, and effort but the rewards for your efforts will be tremendous. I encourage you to follow this plan and get yourself into a position where you have extreme clarity on what the picture perfect dream life looks like for you. Until next time, stay prosperous.

How to design the life of your dreams
How to design the life of your dreams.

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